Team Project: Final

Due Date: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Submission Instructions: Publish digitally using Atavist storytelling platform and put link in Box folder

Assignment Description:

The final team project will be constructed using the Atavist storytelling platform. Once published, you should also place a link to the project in each team member's Box folder. As a team, you will create a collection of document images, transcriptions, annotations, and a written discussion of the materials.

Assignment Components

Image and Caption

Each image should be right side up and readable. (You can rotate images using almost any photo viewing software.) In the caption field, you should include a photo credit ("Photo by Matt Lavin" or "Photo courtesy of University of Pittsburgh special collections" for the Rinehart papers) and a bibliographic citation for the document. If your transcribed document is more than one page long, it would be best to create a slideshow for the images.


Place your transcription directly below the image. Keep it in the same Atavist section as the image and annotations so that they all display as one page


Annotations should take the form of a numbered list of endnotes. Keep these in the same Atavist section as the image and the transcription so that they all display as one page.


Your team's discussion should engage directly with the content of the letters. What is clear or unclear from the materials? What is the necessary context? What extrapolations or research questions about the modern publishing industry can we generate from these documents? Each team member should write their own discussion section, but these can be large posts at the end of the entire document collection or shorter, conversational responses for each document. Whatever you decide, I strongly encourage you to coordinate your responses so that they don't repeat all the same information, and so that they seem to be in dialogue with one another. Order your responses in a way that makes the entire Atavist story work flow effectively as a whole. Think of this section as one part research-driven analysis and one part storytelling.

About the Digital Tool

Atavist is a very easy to use digital storytelling platform that will do almost everything we want for this assignment. An Atavist project is divided into blocks and sections. Blocks specify the content type, and there are numerous options for this. Sections can be set up to be viewed as a single-page, with scrolling , or paginated with "next" and "previous" buttons (the controls for this are under "navigation." For this project, I recommend using a relatively simple block template. This will allow you to place an image of a document on the top, followed by a transcription and its annotations. For a basic demo of this idea, see this mockup I made. Individual sections can be attributed to different authors, so it makes sense to do each discussion block as a separate Atavist section.


I will use the major assignment rubric for this part of the assignment. Each teammate will get an individual grade informed by a team grade. As result, your discussion sections should be individually attributed to their authors. Be sure to cite all sources carefully and accurately. Most importantly, demonstrate careful attention to the documents, the information contained within them.