Timeline Assignment Digital Edition

Due Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Submission Instructions: Submit all materials digitally

Assignment Description:

In part 2 of this assignment, you will revise your essay and submit a digital timeline entry. This entry will include a specific date for your essay and other basic timeline info. Finally, you will include a link to an image for your timeline entry.

Ways of Thinking about Revision:

One way to think about revision is as a series of layers. Imagine rereading your work while focusing on a particular idea. Wouldn't focusing that idea help you see places to revise?

  1. Concision and precision: Have I minimized extraneous words? Have I used clear, simple phrases to avoid vagueness?
  2. Factualness: Are there facts that I can double check or cite better?
  3. Depth: Are there places where a big idea needs to broken down into parts and expanded?
  4. Audience: Have I written a paper that is appropriate for academic audiences?
  5. Proofreading: Is my paper well written and mostly free of mistakes?

Find Creative Commons Media:

The simplest way to do this part part of the assignment is to try finding images on Wikimedia Commons. That said, this site won't have much for some of your topics. This Harvard Library Guide has some good suggestions, including the museum and library digital collections.

Publish your essay to the web:

For this part of the assignment, we will use Google Drive and a Google Form.

To Save Essay to Google Drive

  1. New > Google Docs
  2. Title, text, formatting, author name
  3. File > Publish to the web > Publish
  4. Copy link text and proceed to the Google form

Use the Google form to include other details

  1. Click on the linked text to navigate to the Google Form
  2. Fill out as many fields as you can (especially date, headline, text, and the link to your full essay)
  3. Add a link to your Creative Commons media
  4. Submit the form
  5. Check the timeline URL to see if your event is there